p5- m3 unit 9 design a promotional campagin for a given product service

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Campaign Name and Type: Pop Boutique, TV advert, newspaper, bill boards
Planned Launch Date: June 2013

Primary Purpose or Objective
What is the main outcome you intend to achieve? Tie it back to the relevant marketing objective.
Pop Boutique is a business which is based in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London. This company is looking to expand their business nationally and wants a full scale marketing campaign to support its strategy.

The company also has many smart objectives to achieve, e.g. they are looking for awareness of the brand, growth and sales to make more profit. However these objectives have to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scale) in order to be successful and to see
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Specific Tactics
What are the specific marketing activities – tactics ‐ for the campaign? How will you execute each tactic?

Specific Tactic

How will you execute each tactic?
Attention: The way I will go to take consumers attentions is by using billboards, magazine to grab the attention of the consumers. In my point of view it is extremely essential that using some graphics and pictures while communicating through publisher media, because it is best idea as people can see how the vintage design looks like.
I am going to advertise it by using different method because of this I will grab people attention. To grab the attention I will also going to use the company’s logo and make sure the ads match to the colour of the company which is mostly likely orange. It would also be beneficial to use some graphics and pictures to represent what the company is trying to tell you and to reflect the image of the website, so people find it interesting to visit the stores and website and make sure they fancy product.
Interest: I think direct mail is the best media to get people’s attention. Through direct mail I can easily send pictures of new and designer products and special offers to make interesting for people to buy.
I am going to use some special offers on clothes and use some good competitor prices to make interesting for people. This tactic is also

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