palliative care Essay

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Maximise marks by: Submit on time Use references that are recent No errors or spelling mistakes Meet university requirements – title page, format, etc Meet wordcount To set up your essay, you may use headings such as “introduction”, “Communication strategies” “Conclusion” etc. If you want. Or you can set it up so that each paragraphs are structured and there is good flow. You may use direct quotes – but you need to reference these correctly including with page numbers, which i have done... Ensure your referencing is correct – intext and at the end of the essay a reference list is attached - i think your uni guidelines said “Harvard system” Other nice ways to get extra marks = include a diagram or table that provides good…show more content…
Care team members need to be aware of this tendency to overestimate survival, to reduce residents’ and families’ potential distress. * Attention to residents’ transition from active curative care to palliative care (with comfort care and symptom management) requires that care team members provide the resident and their families with sufficient information about the transition process to facilitate decision making. This provision of information can reduce residents’ and families’ concerns and increase their satisfaction regarding the appropriateness of a palliative approach. Where can a palliative approach be provided? A palliative approach can be provided in the resident’s familiar surrounding if adequately skilled care is available, which reduces the need for transfer to an acute care setting; thereby, avoiding potential distress to the resident and his/her family. Who can provide a palliative approach? A palliative approach is best provided by an effective multidisciplinary team. A palliative approach Is proactive approach Multidisciplinary approach, team based - individuals and their families have complex needs Seeks to maximise quality of life for individuals and their families facing life threatening illnesses. Important to accept and include death and dying as a ‘normal’ part of life Key importance of the palliative care approach in nursing is for it to be responsive, rather than
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