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“Lets go smoke some weed man” now when that question gets asked to you, you might have to say no. Why is that? You think of the consequences that could come to you if you do it and get caught. As of now pot is illegal and most parents don’t accept there kid smoking weed. So in this paper I will tell you why pot should be legal. I will also give some things that have been said negative and I will disprove them. I will also discuss about hemp, what marijuana is and where it comes from. Also as you are reading this I will use two other names for marijuana these are pot and weed.
If you smoke pot you will get high. Pot can do other things for you other then just get you high, you can benefit from marijuana . Pot comes from an all natural
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When using marijuana you do get less coordinated and don’t perform many things as well as when not high. As long as people don't drive there is nothing to worry about now I know there isn’t a really positive aspect of this, but were is the negative point. They could also make a law like how we have now you can not drive under the influence of alcohol, you could have it say you can’t drive under the influence of weed. I know they could make some little tool that could detect weed on you.
It should be up to people if they want to get high. We live somewhere where people have many rights and much freedom. So why are they trying to not let you get high. What’s wrong if someone wants to smoke in their spare time. That doesn’t hurt anyone. It isn’t going to be harmful to the world if people get high and are relaxed. I think there will be many less fights and things like that.
Marijuana is now legal for medical purposes in some states. So that means if you have a disease or illness that they think can be helped by pot they will give it to you. People with really bad headaches and other things that seem like calming down and relaxing will help can now legally use marijuana. If someone is really upset marijuana could help him or her by making them relaxed and happy so they don’t worry about what there upset about anymore. Marijuana could be used for depression and other things like that.
Cancer and AIDS studies have also have put marijuana as a

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