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Book should be used with caution and flexibility. Students who take an alternative approach to the suggested solutions should still be credited where appropriate; teachers should use their professional judgment in such cases.
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[1 – 2 marks]
The answer is vague and/or descriptive. There may be no distinction made between the influences on training and recruitment.

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Definition of conflict should be given. The possible solutions will depend on the cause(s) of conflict within the department. For instance:

Poor communication channels lead to misunderstandings; look into improving communications within the department, e.g. regular team briefings.
Lack of promotional opportunities; perhaps investigate the possibility of delegating responsibility to allow subordinates to gain valuable experiences.
Given the culture, the new HOD might be expected to be more democratic in his/her approach to conflict management, e.g. perhaps by using forms of empowerment.
Conflict may also arise if the Principal uses external recruitment to appoint the new HOD.
Any conflict between subordinates will most likely to be dealt with by the HOD, i.e. conflict is resolved within the department.
The new HOD will therefore need to have good interpersonal and communications skills. S/he may also need to develop situational management styles with clear goals and objectives for the

[5 – 6 marks]
There is a thorough examination of the various ways in which different sources of conflict can be handled by the Head of Department. Appropriate terms are used with good application.
[3 – 4 marks]
The examination
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