performance management frame work

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Performance Management Framework
By hotels becoming an important component of tourism product and tourism being the most vibrant tertiary sectors and has a strong hold on the economy. The performance management framework will depend mostly on the services Bollman Hotel chain attempts to provide to tourist without venturing off the hotel premises offering food, alcoholic beverages, sports, lodging, entertainment, and shopping. Each area will require a manager to define, facilitate, and encourage performance by indicating the organizations actual direction as well as the organization-desired goals. In improving performance, goal setting has a proven record of accomplishment of success in a variety of settings and cultures.
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Methods Used for Measuring the Employee 's Skills
The performance appraisal system that Bollman can provide to each of the employees will setup Bollman hotel chain to be successful. Bollman must first set up an efficient and organized way of providing constructive feedback, evaluating performance, and enabling employees to improve his or her performance in the organization. This may have been successful effectively in Minnesota but the culture is different in India (Martin, 2013).
The Bollman’s requirement in their appraisal system should be similar in the setting of development tracking, documenting procedures, and performance criteria, determining which areas are to be well thought-out quantitatively, and deciding how the information is to be communicated to the hotel employees (Martin, 2013).
Critical incidents reporting
The Bollman’s critical incidents method should be the same as in Minnesota on the performance appraisal system but built around a list of specific behaviors that Bollman has currently encountered but generally known, as critical behaviors that are deem necessary to perform a particular job competently. The management of Bollman’s hotel chain, the human resources department or outside consultants can draw up the list.
Bollman can use a critical incident report to record actual incidents of
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