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     Growing up as an only child I made out pretty well. You almost can’t help but be spoiled by your parents in some way. And I must admit that I enjoyed it; my own room, T.V., computer, stereo, all the material possessions that I had. But there was one event in my life that would change the way that I looked at these things and realized that you can’t take these things for granted and that’s not what life is about.      When I was seventeen years old and going into my senior year of high school I was given the opportunity to go on a trip to Spain with my school. It was a two week trip during the summer, visiting different cities and historical sites throughout the country. While we…show more content…
We were just hanging out on the side of the road, being bored out of our minds when my friend and I, being the adventure seekers that we are, asked our chaperone if she would take us into the village that was a couple hundred yards away from where we were stopped. At first she wasn’t up for it because she wasn’t really familiar with the area and she didn’t want to impose, but after a little bit a begging she agreed. So the seven of us took off to the village. As we walked into it we were all in amazement. It was like something we would only see in the movies. We noticed that it was a very poor village. All the houses if you would want to call them that were made out of stuff you would find laying around at your local garbage dump; rope, wood, sheets of metal, anything that would just hold together. There were a couple of goats and cows walking around. We saw children running around in the dirt with barely any clothes on. We met a man named Pablo and he started walking around with us and introducing us to the people that lived there and most of the people were really friendly, sharing a little bit of their lives to us. Some of them looked at us like we had four heads. Some of the people even let us look inside their huts. Pablo was explaining to us that they had running water but only at four faucets that were spread out around the village. So if you wanted to take a bath or wash your clothes
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