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There have been many places I’ve gone and people I’ve met that have changed who I am and still continue to affect me today. My home in Virginia, family in North Carolina and Maryland, and even going to school every day has shaped me as a person and has helped me open my eyes and learn how the real world is. Although some people may not realize it, but they could be a completely different person than who they were a few months ago. People, including me, are changing over time and the things they do and the people the meet effect who they become whether they like it or not.
First, not only have I been to Northern Virginia, but I have lived here for fourteen years and counting. However, I am not necessarily happy about it, which brings me
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Overall, I have become a more relaxed person than who I use to be, now that I have learned when I can’t take a two day getaway with my father, I can always take a two minute getaway by myself whenever I want.
I believe my downward spiral began in middle school, around 7th grade. The middle school I attended for three long, miserable years was Mercer Middle School. I absolutely hated the years that I spent in middle school – I didn’t like the people I spent time with, I was extremely insecure and had no self-esteem, and spent most of middle trying to please society’s definition of beauty. All I can remember about my years in middle school is how much time I wasted trying to impress and please people that probably didn’t even know my name, which I believe resulted in me being diagnosed with an eating disorder. I got in trouble for plagiarism, was also diagnosed with depression and didn’t remember a point when I wasn’t in the guidance counselor’s office. The best part about middle school was graduating considering they were the worst years of my 14 year life. Overall, while in middle school, I discovered that it’s okay to let people help me once in a while because they usually just wants what’s best for me. However, due to all of the help and “guidance” I’ve received in middle school, I do now find myself receiving help and going to seek “guidance” as
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