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Political Factors Political factors has to do with politics of the day prevailing in country. It is generally assumed that if political temperatures are down; businesses tend to flourish and the vice versa is also correct. In this particular case, it can be said that it is neutral and thus not expected to cause much rubble in the new companies operations. However, future political challenges cannot be ruled out. Nike being number one sportswear in the USA, its profits, turnovers, marketing sponsor ships and advertising surmount all other sports wear companies. This company is not only positioned as a market leader but also leaders in the industry labor practices initiatives. Although Nike had suffered bad publicity over the last…show more content…
Technological Factors Technological factors are trends in new technology keep on advancing on daily basis. Technology can create new products and services as well as phase out existing ones. For instance, mobile telephone created new business for GSM carriers whereas it spelled doom for other business like the postal and courier services. For the case of Nike Company, money is expected to use both existing and new technology to grow its business portfolio. If well adapted, technology can considerably reduce Nike 's operational costs and thus grow its profit margins. Nike enjoyed technological innovations in sports wear by producing and selling sport shoes, which are ultra- supper light to athletes. Technological advancement and diffusion of technology in the manufacture of Nike shoes led to quality improvement and competitive advantage. This has played a major role in benefiting the consumers and the organization returns on investment. Nike employ specialists in the areas of exercise psychology, engineering design, and related fields to run the business. They also utilize research committees and advisory boards made up of athletes, coaches, trainers, and other experts to consult and review designs, concepts and materials for the improvement of the products. Employee athletes and other athletes ' wear-test sport wear and evaluate the design of the products and development. Technical innovations in the design of foot wear,
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