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In the article, “Lagging Far Behind: Women in the Middle East” Judith Colp Rubin (2012), an author, journalist and publisher, demonstrates the main aspects behind causing inequality between male and female rights in the Arab World. Colp Rubin clearly states based on certified statistical evidence, that despite of the basic rights given to females in the Arab region, lack in the equilibrium between both genders has still been consistent. She demonstrates her claim by referring to the discriminated political roles given to women in government, to the violence and mistreatment caused by peers in the surrounding society, and finally in the work field and education. Overall, the detailed ideas, the objective and straight-forward strategy…show more content…
The repetitive mentioning of the poll in every section of the article provides a realistic taste to the reader. This strategy is explained in next paragraphs. The author alters between different subjects in relating to how women are in politics, successively grabbing the reader’s interest. For example, moving from Quota system, where the author indicates that it was one of the effective methods to encourage women participation in governments, to how women belong to the justice system and how they are truly denied as judges. Moving from politics to personal status laws, the author demonstrates a magnificent effort in dragging the pictures of discrimination and violence to the reader’s mind. Supported by great evidence, the article seems to be more convincing, which results in gaining the audience’s trust. For example, percentage of polygamy, divorce rates, “honor killings” and the mentioning of the results of those issues, particularly in the Arab Human Development Report, contribute in convincing the audience of how serious the subject is. Finally, Colp Rubin concludes with how women in the Arab world are related to “Education & the Work Force”. Again, the author successfully manages to view images of discrimination that took place in
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