plan financial management approaches Essay

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Plan financial management approaches
Submission details
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The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance objective
The candidate will demonstrate the ability to plan financial management approaches.
Assessment description
In response to the scenario provided, you will clarify budget plans with your manager and negotiate changes to the budget. You will then identify and analyse a risk to the budget and prepare a
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Sales in Q2 depend on completion of 90% of repair and maintenance.
Commission negotiated with members of the sales team is now at 2.5%.
Task B
It has come to the attention of the managing director, Tom Copeland, that due to the current economic climate, sales volume may be 20% below target this financial year. Tom is worried that this may severely impact profit projections. The company can accept as much as a 10% variance in profit projections; however, more than this could severely affect the company’s ability to pay obligations and invest. Reliable data to determine whether the risk has eventuated should be available by mid Q2, when sales data for the company’s product are in.
As a special project, the managing director has asked you to perform a risk assessment and develop a contingency plan to manage the risk of sales falling 20%.
As per organisational policy you should use the contingency plan template provided.

Appendix 2 – Budgeting and finance policy
Budget preparations
The business plan will set the key parameters for all financial budgeting.
Variations to the business plan must be approved by the CEO and senior management strategic committee.
Prior period results are to be analysed to identify the profit level of cost centres, identify correlations between financial statistics and to set key performance indicators and benchmarks for future
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