plural executive branch Essay

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POS221-Lesson 3 Short Answer 1. Arizona has a "plural executive." Identify each of the constitutional officers included in Arizona’s plural executive in order of succession, as well as the two positions not included in succession. Finally, choose one position and explain at least two of the position’s duties and how the position could affect your daily life. A plural executive branch means that no single person has all the power and all officials are elected to their position. Most states have this process which differs from the country as a whole who only one has elected official, the president, and then appointed officials to support him/her. There elected members of the Arizona executive branch in order of succession are the…show more content…
In order for an individual to become an elected official on the executive branch there are some specific requirements that must be met. The individual must be 25 years of age or older, are a 10 year citizen of the United State and a 5 year resident of Arizona. There are two offices that require further requirements, they are the attorney general and the state mine inspector. The attorney general is required to meet all the minimum requires as well as two additional requirements. One of the additional requirements is that the attorney general has to be qualified and admitted to the practice of law before the Arizona Supreme Court. This means that the individual elected to this office must have pasted the state boards for legal qualifications. Another additional requirement for the attorney general is that they cannot be in private practice during the term they are serving. These are two very important additional qualifications that the attorney general has to have. The citizens of the state would not want just anyone to be able to act as the attorney general. What if someone with no law qualifications was elected to office? They would not understand the duties of the job and what is legal, ethical and just. It is also important that the attorney general not be in private practice during the term they are serving because that could pose a
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