political science state centered and power centered

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Man in nature is a social being. He cannot exist alone and can certainly not be self-sufficient. He is born and dwells in society where he associates with fellow humans. Man’s interaction with others in society eventually manifests his selfishness and quarrelsome nature. The human being is complex. Therefore as men live and interact in society, there arises the need for rules and accepted form of behavior. The regulation and execution of these rules are what bring about order in society. The regulators and enforcers of these rules and laws are what constitute what is called government. According to Heywood (2007) the government is created by individuals and for individuals (population), it exists to serve their needs and interests. This…show more content…
In other words it is a study of state affairs. A state is a compulsory political organization with a centralized government that maintains a monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a certain geographical territory. Other traditional thinkers such as Paul Janet and Jelineck also defined political science is a study of state affairs only. This means that man, the government and their relationship are studied. This is political science state centered. The authority and influence over society is held in the state alone as an independent entity. The focus of study is on the state and the state or state affairs only. State-centered stresses the role of the government on society. Its focus is that the state itself can maintain political life to some extent independently of the way power is allocated between society classes. It should also be made clear that the government is their or exists in order to organize society thereby satisfying the needs of man or society or the population.. This is because the societies or man’s wants and needs are unlimited. Therefore a government has to exist to satisfy them. Some of the duties that government performs in order to satisfy the needs of society are:
To provide law and order. It is the duty of the state to make that the society is ruled under law and that order is maintained. Rules and laws are what promote order even in society where the desires and aspirations of the people are not the
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