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Post - Modernism and Mass Culture


P M rnism and M C ost ode ass ulture
Post Modernism/20/1/98/P.Covington/Media Disc

This is a relatively new development and there are few sources that present clear and readable accounts of it. It is a reaction to the belief of postmodernists that Marx concentrated excessively on production, at the cost of consumption.
This concept, despite its variety of meanings and definitions, is used to refer to many aspects of social life from musical forms and styles, literature and fine art through to philosophy, history and especially the mass media. Post modernism is a slippery term that is used by writers to refer to several different things. Featherstone (1991) points out the
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We have become disillusioned and no longer expect the world to become a better place. Metranarratives have partly been discredited because, in an era of global media in which we learn more and more about other peoples' beliefs and lifestyles, it becomes less and less possible to regard one lifestyle or one belief system as the 'true one'.
Dominic Strinati
Strinati suggests that, post-modern TV and film become preoccupied merely with surface style and imagery, rather than deeper underlying themes, which might relate to the 'realities' of the human condition. Action blockbuster movies dwell on special effects, rather than strong plots and TV drama departs from realist plots of the 1960's (which attempted to look at serious issues such as homelessness, Cathy Come Home and embraces a surreal world in which 'reality' is often confused; For example, Twin Peaks, or more recently The X Files and American Gothic. Kaplan (1987) identified pop and rock videos as perfect examples of post modernist culture because they abandon all notion of narrative structure – there is no attempt to 'tell a story', rather the power of the rock video lies purely in the collage of images mixed with music.
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