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Macbeth's Obsession with Power

"I'll fight till from my bones my flesh be hacked." (Act 5, Scene 3). Phrases as forceful as Macbeth's quote are not common day language, in fact, it is used except in times of intense emotion. Although the diction of Macbeth's words are from the Elizabethan Age, it's message rings true and clear. Macbeth clearly will oppose anything standing in the way of his passion. Critics often debate over the what tragic flaw of Macbeth lead to his downfall. Was it ambition or Lady Macbeth's influence? Hardly so. It was an obsession of power that Macbeth desired so much that led to his compulsive fixation and preoccupation of obtaining his desire by any and all means necessary. Thus, he inevitably
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This is the beginning of his obsession for power. At this point he loses touch with reality and what life is truly about. He cannot say, "Lady Mac made me do it. It was she who forced me." (Didn't Adam blame Eve and Eve blame the serpent. It didn't fool God, so Macbeth should not fool anyone). Macbeth chooses by his own free will to pursue his obsession and let it control him, rather than controlling it.

This preoccupation of mind of Macbeth is clearly seen as the play develops. We see that this obsession to power is accomplished by Macbeth by any means necessary. "Sacrifice any and all if necessary" would be a good portrayal of his state of mind. He kills to cover up his earlier murder victims. He has let this fixation take him on a one-way path, a path of no return. It is exactly the same as lying. The problem with a lie is that one must lie to make the first lie believable. The more one lies, the more they become convicted to not coming clean. This is exactly what happens to Macbeth. He kills to cover up his first murder. "The death of each day's life...Give me the daggers...This my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine." (Act 2, Scene 2). He commits himself deeper into this passion of gaining power and status. This inevitably leads up to his downfall.

As the play progresses, Macbeth loses his support and followers. Everybody has found out what he has done just

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