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Power and Corruption in Macbeth

"Authority poisons everybody who takes authority upon himself" (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin). This could easily be a comment on the story of Macbeth where an apparently respected Scottish couple have the opportunity to seize the highest authority, take it, and in doing so, poison themselves and their country. In Macbeth, the play's theme is the strife created by the wrongful seizure of power and the corruption of morals of those who acquire power by evil means. Power can be good or bad depending on the hands that it falls into. The dilemma with power that has been accomplished by immoral behavior, foul means, is that when you finally manage to attain it, it will always bring insecurity, bring
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The manner in which he became Thane of Cawdor immediately following the 'weird sister's' predictions strikes him solely as a coincidence, but initiates his musings as to how it would feel to be King. Upon his return Lady Macbeth endeavors to show Macbeth the manner in which his dreams that he dismissed as impossibilities, could become realities. Lady Macbeth attempted to convince him of the righteousness of the act, luring him with images of being king. He answered, still clutching at his original morals:

"I dare do all that would become a man, who dares more is none"

Although some might say that it was solely Lady Macbeth who wrought the changes in Macbeth, I believe that when you look at the opening scenes in the play where Shakespeare first introduced Macbeth's character he expertly depicted Macbeth as somewhat of a violent character, a person who enjoyed the killings that he did on the battlefield.

"Disdaining fortune with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution, till he unseamed him from nave to th' chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements" (act 1, scene 2) This suggests an underlying side to Macbeth which was present from the start of the tragedy. That was enough that when given a small taste of power by becoming Thane of Cawdor, could bring out the more brutal side of him.

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