practice arena as a learning environment Essay

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Learning is an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge and skills. Mentoring is one main criteria being practiced in clinical setting to facilitate learning process among new learners in hospital. Effective guidance and coaching is important for new nurses to perform efficiently .Within this assignment ,i as a mentor will discuss and emphasize on learning strategies and learning styles that can be used to facilitate my mentees learning in clinical practice.

I am State Registered Nurse (SRN),a diploma holder, working for 5 years. I am working in medical surgical ward with 32 normal beds and 2 vvip beds.Mentor- mentee programme had been practiced in our hospital for newcomers with three months of probationary period.
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I will use cognitive approach to teach nurse A, which she feel comfortable to learn .

Self motivation is important in teaching and learning.Learners should be motivated well to absorb teaching well.I also assess her whether she is motivated or not to learn.I provide some positive reinforcement by praising her for knowledge that

she have in iv fluid..B.F. Skinner (1953) cited that positive reinforcement will induce occurance of the behaviour.I motivate her by giving full support and guidance for her to learn. As a teacher for her,i also maintain a conducive learning environment which facilitate teaching and learning in practice .Lack of motivation can make the learner reluctant to learn.

At last, i decided to teach her in her own style,which is reflective style .Where learn by observation,notes,lectures.She also take longer time to make a decision in learning. Honey, P and Mumford, A (1982) ,define reflective style as learning from observation,listening skills.Based on Honey,P and Mumford ,A theory i will provide my learner best guidelines to achieve her learning outcome.

Planning for learning
Proper planning is essential in teaching.Learner needs proper di. Nurse A has no experience and need more knowledge on iv fluid administration.I decide to teach her with proper teaching plan.I will provide nurse A written notes ,data, discussion,
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