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European Union Law - Module Code: LL5188 Summative assessment - Coursework As indicated in your handbook, you will need to complete, as part of the summative assessments designed for this module, an INDIVIDUAL piece of coursework that will count for 40% of the marks available for the summative assessment component of the Module (the other 60% will come from the written examination in April/May 2014). This coursework should be submitted no later than 9 am. Monday 3rd February 2014. Submission should be made ELECTRONICALLY ONLY to the Turn-it in box, available on StudySpace (in the folder ‘assignments’). Below are the instructions for the completion and submission of the coursework as well as for receiving feedback. These are…show more content…
PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU READ YOUR FEEDBACK CAREFULLY, NOT JUST YOUR MARK. FEEDBACK IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU WITH FUTURE WORK, INCLUDING ON OTHER MODULES. Remember to use your feedback-feed-forward form (available on Studyspace). If you are unsure about how to make the most of your feedback on a particular assignment, ask to see your seminar tutor or the module leader. If you are still unsure, or feel you are not making improvements across a range of modules, discuss this with your personal tutor. You upload to Turnitin via the following process: Go to your assignment link in the module. Click on the required assignment. Browse for your file, choose your file and click ‘upload’. The system will show you part of your assignment in simple text format so that you can check you have uploaded the correct one. Click ‘submit’ (then wait a few moments). You will then receive a digital receipt, and a receipt will also be emailed to your Kingston email. Please keep a copy of this receipt. You receive your feedback via the following process: Go back to your assignment link in the module, click on the assignment. Click on , ‘view’ (which should be bright blue) and then ‘grademark’ (full details with ‘screen snapshots’ is given below). Students: Accessing Turnitin GradeMark Feedback GradeMark is a tool provided by Turnitin that allows staff to mark and annotate coursework online.

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