priciple of support Essay

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Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice: There are seven principles which are underpinned by an explicit value base: (DH 2008) Principle 1 Ensure individuals are able to make informed choices to manage their self care needs Principle 2 Communicate effectively to enable individuals to assess their needs, and develop and gain confidence to self care Principle 3 Support and enable individuals to access appropriate information to manage their self care needs Principle 4 Support and enable individuals to develop skills in self care Principle 5 Support and enable individuals to use technology to support self care Principle 6 Advise individuals how to…show more content…
Ultimatelythe decision about accepting care and treatment rests with the competent. Where adults lack capacity, they should be involved in decision-making as far as possible. Those close to the adult, including specifically anyone with the power of a health and personal welfare or property and affairs attorney should be involved as appropriate. Step 6: Safeguarding What is safeguarding??? – it is protecting individuals from harm/abuse against other people or themselves. These abuses can come in form of physical, psychological, financial, institutional, neglect. Basic principles for safeguarding vulnerable adults (DH): Principle 1: Empowerment - Safeguarding must involve promoting the independence and quality of life of adults and must maximise their ability to control their own lives. Where adults cannot make decisions, as a result for example of a lack of capacity to make the specified decision, they should still be involved in the decision as far as possible. Principle 2: Protection - Patients should be offered the support necessary for them to protect themselves Principle 3: Prevention - Prevention of harm or abuse is the primary goal. Prevention involves working with individuals to
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