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2-15-99 Project Management: The Managerial Process COMPREHENSIVE TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE CHAPTER 1 Modern Project Management What is a project? The project life cycle The project manager The importance of project management Snapshot from practice: The best wireless phone in the world Snapshot from practice: The emergence of e.Schwab The evolution of project management systems Project management today-- An integrative approach Integration of projects with the strategic plan Integration within the process of managing actual projects Research Highlights: Chaos: Software Projects Summary Text overview Review questions & exercises Case:…show more content…
Forest Services Resource Shortage Assigning project work Multiproject resource schedules Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Power Train, Ltd. Computer project exercise, Part 3 CHAPTER 8 Organizing for Projects Project management structures Organizing projects within the functional organization Organizing projects as dedicated teams Snapshot from practice: Projectitis: The Dark Side to Project Teams Organizing projects within a matrix arrangement Snapshot from Practice: Concurrent Engineering Choosing the right project management structure Research highlights: The relative effectiveness of project management structures Organization culture Snapshot from practice: Trouble at DEC How culture is created and communicated Identifying cultural characteristics Implications of organizational culture for organizing projects
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