propecia case

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PROPECIA: Helping Make Hair Loss History

1. Define Propecia’s potential customer base. What is Propecia competing against in the consumer’s mind? What can be learned from Rogaine’s experience in the marketplace?
Propecia is a drug against hair loss, effective both on stopping and reversing the Male Pattern Hair Loss. According to Tom Casola, the brand manager of Propecia, the potential customer base is at least half of the male population, as MPHL occured in 30-40 million American men, which is around 50% od Caucasian men under the age of 50, with the lifetime incidence to reach 100%. But when compared to others race and nationalities. Neither black men, Japanese men nor Chinese men were as likely to develop MPHL as
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Third option of reminder ads, which do not seem to be the best strategy at any other given time, as mentioned by Casola, there is no point in having an ad that creates brand awareness where you cannot even tell that the product is an hair loss product, at this time it seems like the soundest road to take. There is a risk that the brand awareness would be empty inside, but along with working with doctors, mostly dematologists who would be more eager to prescribe Propecia, and urging people to see a dermatologists in the ads, would be the best of the options. This way, making the problem a health issue, which should be handled through a dematologists would create some sort of barriers for the on-the-counter competition especially the new Rogaine to come.

4. What role does a physician play in this context? How much detailing effort is necessary?
Pysicians are primarly the customers of prescribed drugs, as they are the ones prescribing the drugs to the patients, the realt consumers. In order for the making the pysicians to prescribe the intended drugs, pharmaceutical companies have sales representatives, who
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