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Level – 4 (Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in PTLLS. GROUP A: Roles and responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning GROUP B 1: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning GROUP B 2: Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in lifelong learning GROUP D: Principle of assessment in lifelong learning Each group (Group A, Group B1, Group B2 and Group D) is made up of sub-headings and questions or “statements of competence”. Group: Group A, Group B1, Group B2 and Group D Sub-headings: (Example) (1.Understand own role and responsibilities in…show more content…
HSE at work requires me to take reasonable care of my health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what I do at work, cooperate with my employers on HSE matters and take necessary trainings especially training relating to me field which is Science. Also inform my employers of any concern I have relating to health and safety. As Gravells says: “Learners are entitled to learn in a safe and healthy Environment” (Gravells 2012:29). The Copyright Designs and Patents Act (1988) are relevant in a teaching environment. The materials I use to teach learners must either be produced by me, or I must ensure that I and or my organisation have permission to use such materials. Another important piece of legislation to consider is the Data Protection Act (2003). This is important because I will have access to students' personal data which I shouldn’t share with anyone or external organisation without authorisation from my employer and permission from my student in question. 1.2 Analyse own responsibilities of promoting equality and valuing diversity Equality is about rights of students to have access to, attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience. This should be regardless of ability and/or circumstances. Diversity is about valuing and respecting the differences in students, regardless of ability and/or circumstances, or any other individual characteristics they may have.(Gravells
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