punishment for petty crimes

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Type of essay: Text based Text used: “Her Majesty’s Prison” by Christian Pratt Stripped, probed, re-dressed and endowed with the status of convict.” Is this what you would want to endure for a simple traffic violation of no seat belt, running a red light or dark tinted windows? Or would you prefer a traffic school session or two, picking up garbage on a Saturday morning or paying a fine? I would gladly prefer the latter. The prison has a “revolving door” as if welcoming persons to come again. We need to replace this door with job services and opportunities and quality rehabilitation. A prison term is not the answer to petty crimes in our Bahamian society. The jail house is already surpassed its max capacity, take away persons there…show more content…
It would be wise to have persons pay fines and contribute some supervised service rather than have them further take away from the country, decreasing our value as a nation. Rehabilitation for serious offenders and those accused of petty crimes is the key to closing shut that revolving door. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, it is reported that there is a 3% increase in crime rates worldwide. As a result, countries came up with many efforts to combat crimes mainly through punishment or rehabilitation. Punishment includes heavy sentences like death penalty and long jail term, while rehabilitation includes lighter sentences like probation and counseling. There needs to be an increased number of rehabilitation centers available, throughout the country away from Fox Hill Prison, making it much easier and accessible for persons sentenced to probation to attend counseling. Other avenues should be added to a probation sentence, such as putting persons in the news paper or on the community channel along with their offence: sometimes public shame is far more humiliating than a jail sentence. In my opinion, rehabilitation would be more important in a country’s attempt to
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