puppy love

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A proper angle to view puppy love Falling in love before the entrance exam of collage is considered wrong as far as most of the parents’ concerned. Students are even seriously condemned if they are found having a relationship with an opposite sex. Being in love takes students’ mind off their studying, which is reckoned a main task of their schooling time. In addition, teachers claim that building and maintaining a relationship require a great deal of effort and time, which do a greater damage to students’ study progress. Furthermore, love easily blindfolds people, even sensible ones, let alone the teenagers who are young and literally make of hormone. Sex before marriage and pregnancy is quite ubiquitous among teens in the developed…show more content…
Just like the pictures of old days never cease to amaze people, for it served as a living memory reminding them what they used to be like. I would not get a taste of love and have better understanding of the weight of it if my father forbid me to have a relationship. In practical terms, starting, maintaining and ending a relationship needs wisdom and also practice. Loving and caring others is a vital skill we should learn very hard to master in our lives, yet it would not come out of nowhere. However, parents seem to have a tendency to overlook it. Never been in love before but all of a sudden get married before turning 25 is a complete nonsense. Being with another unique human being allows us to learn how to deal with individuals with different character and at the meantime take a good look to ourselves ---how do we behave under specific circumstances, how do we learn to agree to disagree, how do we become tolerant, how do we become a better person, which are all of great importance. I am sure if it were not my father’s help, I would not become a sensitive and caring person today. And I would not get a better grip on the concept of love if I didn’t fall in love at early age. One never knows when love comes, and one cannot make the stir in stomach vanish just like flipping an emotional switch. The real reason puppy love is a controversial issue is that one especially
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