##quality In Tom Godwin's The Cold Equations By Tom Godwin

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Short story writes usually use capturing information to grab the reader’s attention. Specifically by changing their mind set with gripping stories. Godwin’s short story takes place where tough decisions had to be made, and they don’t always have to be good ones either. In the short story “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin the central theme has to do with sacrifice and it is being shown through irony and foreshadowing. The main theme of “The Cold Equations” is based on sacrifice. It is shown when Marilyn had to die to save other lives. “ You’re going to make me die and I didn’t do a nothing to die for – I didn’t do anything – “ He signed deep and wearily. “I know you didn’t child. I know you didn’t” (Godwin 5). Marilyn is only one human life herself and if the pilot did strictly follow through the plan, than six other lives would have been gone within seconds. With that being shown sacrifice is the main theme in this short story in whether it was Marilyn’s life or six other lives had to be saved. Sometimes people are being put in a situation where they have had to sacrifice their lives for others, in this short story it is shown through irony. Marilyn thought that if she got caught on the ship she would have to face paying a fine, but in reality what really had to happen was that she had to be ejected in order for the other six lives on that ship would survive. “This cruiser must maintain its schedule; the life of not one person but the lives of many depend on it. I know
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