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MGMT 702 (101) CRAFTING AND EXECUTING STRATEGY Fall 2013: Professor Jai Goolsarran Research and Case Analysis No. 1 (10%): Costco Wholesale Corporation Part B (64 marks) Please refer to the document on this matter posted on eCentennial on September 12, 2013. Here are your Part B questions. References in these questions to Costco Wholesale Corporation, Costco, and “the company” are to be read and understood as one and the same. Your submission should be a word-processed document, prepared in the usual format (cover page, double space, font size 12, headings for each question, one-inch margins, appropriate end notes, etc.) and should be submitted to me in class in person at our class meeting on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.…show more content…
(12 marks) 4. Refer to your textbook’s discussions on corporate culture in Chapter 12, specifically the section entitled, “Identifying the Key Features of a Company’s Corporate Culture”. List separately in full and clear statements and in numbered fashion all the features (dimensions) of the corporate culture of Costco Wholesale Corporation and offer your assessment as to whether the corporate culture is aligned with the business strategy of the company. (12 marks) 5. If you were to be asked, What explains the success of Costco Wholesale Corporation?, what would your answer be? Do explain. (6 marks) 7. Refer to Michael

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