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Part 2, Fahrenheit 451 Page 68, 69 1. Mildred says these words to Guy Montag. She tells him that books aren’t people which are found in her TV parlor which she enjoys being with. She calls the people on the TV her family. She compares the books to her TV. She says that the people on the TV tell her things and make her laugh and they are full of colors, whereas the books are black and white and don’t make sense to anybody and doesn’t make her laugh instead makes her feel bad. Page 70, 71 1. This quote was said by Faber to Montag. In Montag’s world, people are superficial; they don’t think or talk deeply about anything, and seem to be even scared to do so. Faber on the other hand, thinks very deeply about everything, he doesn’t just talk…show more content…
3. In this quote the narrator, Ray Bradbury is saying these words. This quote coveys to us that the people in this society are fascinated by violence and so are the women in the parlor who get very excited when these horrific scenes occur. Also this was the same kind of attitude Clarisse claimed her classmates had. Page 91 1. In the first half of the quote, Mrs. Phelps is saying these words to Montag and the two other ladies in her room. In the second half of the quote, Mildred is a saying these words to Montag. Mrs. Phelps mentions that if her husband dies in the war, she won’t be upset. Mildred says these words to Montag to indirectly mention about how their love life has been in the past few years and that even though being husband and wife they are both emotionally distant. These two are examples of how there is no real affection in their society at all; there are just surface relationships that fill space. 2. The narrator, Ray Bradbury, says these words using beautiful imagery. This creates wonderful imagery because it explicitly shows us how Montag is trying to understand what the women are thinking by studying their facial expression, since he cannot find any other way of trying to understand them. He feels whatever the women say to him is meaningless. Page 95, 97 1. The narrator, Ray Bradbury is saying the words. He is comparing the soft fluttering of a fly’s wings in ones ear to the vibration that occurred in Montag’s ear when Faber

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