reaction essay about cinderella man

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ENIEI 124 – Oral Communication Intensive English Institute Ball State University Muncie, IN IEI Course Syllabus ENIEI 124-2D Kevin Daily MTWR 1:50-2:50 LB 127 Fall 2013/ Session 6 Office: RB 389 Office hours: MTWR 1:00 PM-1:45 PM, TR 4:00 PM– 4:45 PM and by appointment Brief Course Description Students will be able to build useful, communication skills in English in the United States through exploration and reflection of everyday readings and experiences. The class will be enriched by students’ own thoughts, traditions and cultures. Then they will be able to compare and contrast them with the North…show more content…
Ball State University Class Attendance policy: (published in undergraduate catalogue-“Class Attendance”). A student’s official course program is regarded as a contract with the university. Since full performance requires, in part, regular and punctual class attendance, students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered. Faculty will establish attendance policies for their courses and communicate those policies through course syllabi or outlines. Students who know they must be absent from a class should notify the instructor or departmental office. Courtesy requires that students speak to the instructor and preferably present a signed and dated memo briefly stating the reasons for absence. Faculty members are responsible for keeping records of attendance of all students registered in each class. Students are responsible for completing any work they have missed. The faculty member is not required to do extra teaching to help students “catch up.” Holiday Observances: The IEI Department follows and observes all holidays and break periods identified by the University throughout the academic year and are considered excused absences. These dates can be found on the Ball State website calendar link. Other observances not identified by Ball State, such as those holidays and observances based on cultural customs, are not considered by the IEI department and the University as excused absences when students choose to remain absent
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