reconstruction Essay

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North won the Civil War. Throughout the American Civil War, The North proved to be victorious to The South. The Union had a power and wealth, better economy and technology. There were many key factories: the money, the resources, the commanders, the manpower, the skill and determination and the most important the advanced weapons. Civil War was considered the first modern War in the World, because of new advanced weapons- rifled muskets, that cold reach 300 yards. Although, both sides had access to these weapons, North had the larger quantity. Union solders, were free people and some of Confederate solders were slaves, so the did not really care to fight. What were they defeating: slavery?
The period
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In May of 1865 a new president A. Johnson unveiled his Reconstruction plan. Johnson gave pardons and restored property rights to former landowners if they pledged loyalty to the Union and the Constitution. Johnson’s nothing to say about black people rights after the war. 1865 the southern states revised the slave codes into what became known as the black codes. This practically stripped blacks of equal rights and justice.
In 1867 Radical Reconstruction began. Under this plan the South was divided into five districts (excluding Tennessee). General headed each of the districts. The main goal of the leaders of the state was to increase voter registration of blacks, and to see that white c confederates did not get back in to the office.
During this time many things were done to free blacks in the South. The 13th amendment prohibited slavery in 1865. The Freedmen’s Bureau was created to assist black people with things such as education and housing. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 defined what civil rights were entitled to all citizens. The 14th amendment ratified in 1868 prohibited states from violating the rights of the citizens. 15th amendment in 1870 gave freedmen a right to vote.
Black people still had no choice but to work for white landowners, except for wages, which were wery low. Whites wanted to keep the old system of labor and physical punishment. African Americans
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