recorded future case study

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Record Future Case Study Why the firm did well  Market segment 1) As big data is emphasized by more and more people, and the techniques and analytical method is mature, an increasing number of corporation and researchers are dedicated in this related field. However, using data from different sources like Internet which looks like a huge data mine is able to analyze to find out and search the underlying relationship and link among data, like user’s preference, custom and objective future development etc. 2) In fact, big data’s analyses and predictions is very tough because it requires a firm masters the unique and high technological methods. However, Recorded Future owns its extraordinary data team which has designed softwares to…show more content…
However, to the future market, RF should concentrate on the following aspects: value proposition, core technology, future customer and business etc.  Value proposition Other companies were also analyzing Internet big data on behalf of clients, including Attensity, Visible Technologies, Quid, and Palantir. Each had a slightly different focus. Attensity was focused on analysis of Internet text. Visible Technologies provided tools for monitoring and analyzing social media. Quid used Internet data to identify unexploited technology domains for technology vendors. Each of these firms had their own commercial customers and emphasized their tools’ commercial applications to varying degree. As far as I am concerned, the value proposition in RF intends to shift to cloud platform for private customers in the future. The present value proposition in RF is unique and extraordinary that helps them account for a dominant role in the world market. However, RF can not command the future at present, if the future market has a large change, so I suggest RF has better change their value proposition from simple government services to offer cloud platform to some specific private customers, and even to all Internet users, and doing this way is to adopt the future market better.  Future customer and business In the past, its customer base consisted in part of government intelligence agencies. One of the issues that with RF was whether to continue primarily pursing
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