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Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning: Segmenting Reebok has been a market leader for many years in the sports shoes . It has been able to achieve it through its efficient and effective marketing strategies. Reebok used innovative strategies as per the consumer needs . Reebok segmented the market on the following parameters: Geography: Reebok chose to operate on Pan country basis. where it segmented locations as per the consumers needs. The attribute requirement of the product in one region will be different from the other regions. Demographics Age – Reebok has segmented its product range as per the age of the consumers. The requirements attributes like comfort level, design is different for different age groups. The primary…show more content…
Marketing Mix Elements Product: In the sports shoes category, Reebok has categorized products in terms of use for men, women and kids. They are usually classified under the categories such as Running, CrossFit, Walking, Basketball, Training and Classics. Reebok footwear offers shock absorption, ideal for those who run or walk a lot every day. Reebok shoes reduce stress on feet, especially the heels, and direct the energy through the foot to make the walk or run effortless. They offer exceptional fit, traction, and strengthen the leg muscles and calves as one exercise in the gym or just walk around. Reebok shoes offered a broader forefoot, which suited the Indian consumer, in contrast to the other international competitors which offered narrower forefoot. There are classic Reebok footwear pieces and funky new designs like the ReeZig and ReeTone which help strengthen leg muscles and calves when one exercise or walk around. Running shoes, Basketball shoes, Tennis shoes for clay, grass and hard courts, Cricket shoes and more Reebok sports shoes are classified by sport. Reebok sports shoes aims for all health, fitness and sport enthusiasts. Price Reebok follows penetration pricing models for sports shoes in India as their main aim is to grow in the market. Reebok sports shoes prices start from a competitive Rs.990/- compared to Nike’s Rs.2,000/-. This pricing is maintained so as to

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