referral and coordination of services Essay

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Vanesa Villanueva HN299-01: Associates Capstone for Human Services Professor: Angelique Spruill Unit 3 Assignment Referrals and Coordination of Services In my opinion the three most prevalent social problems in New York City are unemployment, homelessness, and childcare. These three things go hand in hand in many cases. For example; there are many single parent households that do not have the adequate support systems in place. Therefore if the head of household doesn’t have childcare in place for them to be able to earn a living for their family they may end up losing their job and they will not have any income to pay the bills and they could end up facing eviction and eventually end up homeless.…show more content…
In the case when it is necessary to converse with other human service professionals about one of our clients in your caseload, one can only share the necessary information when asking for advice on how to come up with a solution for that client. Guidelines for Making and Evaluating Referrals When working with clients and making referrals on their behalf, it is key to follow up with clients on a regular basis. There are several different ways that human service professionals can accomplish this. We must make sure that we keep updated contact information like phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for each client so that they can be reached. An appointment can be set up for the client to come into the office and then the human service professional can inform the client about the types of services available and the referrals that will be made. To track the success of the referral a case manager can call the client or the agency to check in. A different way to track a referral is to set up an appointment with the client to discuss how the referral is progressing. This way you are able to assess the how the client is feeling about the referral and see if the client is in need of additional services. Identifying Barriers To best serve our clients human service professionals must be able to take preventative action on the different barriers that may arise in a client’s situation while receiving help through our agency or the
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