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Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector ( PTLLS )(6302)


The purpose of this essay is to reflect upon an aspect on my role and responsabilities as a teacher in lifelong learning ,responsability for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment (PTLLS 6302/L&D Academy /Barchester/page 4 }For the purpose of reflection the essay shall be written in the first person.I decided to use John’s( 1995) model of reflection .
Description of experience
I participated to PTLLS course unit 001 in September 2013. I was waiting for this course for a few months as the previous course was cancelled. I was excited and looking forward to learn new
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On Multiple Intelligence test I learned about myself that I have quite appropriate scores with regards to intelligence types, the lowest score on bodily-kinaesthetic (22) and the highest score on linguistic (33).
The Emotional Competence Inventory was a thought-provoking homework for the second day of the course, with an action plan to follow for myself.
We discussed about the role of the trainer and, according to Brentsen ,J.R. and Malthouse, R. (2011) by improving our teaching, or increasing our learner’s experience is the core of continuing professional development and it should be our main motivation as teachers.
Influencing factors
I feel strongly and I am convince that the fact that I had a headache and blocked sinuses affected my learning during the course time.
Could I have dealt with better?
I feel that at times, due to the fact that I couldn’t hear properly, I was asking too many questions that might have disturbed the class. I also think that, at times, I was talking too much and I might not have given a chance to my fellow participants at the course.
In the future, I will try to let other people to answer questions before I attempt to answer.
What will change because of the experience and how did I feel because of the experience
How has this experience changed my way of knowing?
After this course the way I looked at planning training, the participants, have changed. I can see the wider picture better

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