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“Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Capital Strategies” My Individual Work: Protected Information in a BIA & How to prevent its Loss By: Regina J. Patton Workplace Continuity & Contingency Planning – 4 Instructor: Sheila Highland Everest University Online Date: November 21st, 2014 (Author Notes) Kaye, David is a leading author, lecturer, examiner and workshop leader on Risk Management and business continuity subjects. Professor Kaye guides a diverse range of companies, and public sector organizations on risk related issues around the world. He is an FCII, FBCI, MIRM, FRSA and chartered insurer. Julia Graham is a former Board member of the Business Continuity Institute, the Chartered Insurance Institute and Chair of the British Standards…show more content…
This plan includes a short summary of the most important data obtained from the BIA, such as the business unit, responsible manager, process/business function, recovery time objective (RTO), and estimated daily financial losses. Have it approved by senior management. Why? Because it will almost certainly require funding, and your senior management needs to know at least the estimated cost before they can approve it. I would do basically the same things as Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Capital Strategies, LLC, to ensure protection of the confidentiality of information, and prevent its loss? I feel that they have all of the best answers by far. So here is a few of my own ways I would ensure protection of the confidentiality of such information, and prevent its loss: Have a good backup system just in case something goes wrong with the computers systems. You can also use a paper shredder, because you don’t want to leave important paper just lying in the trash for others to read. Keep printers, and copy machines away from the public’s eye. Only staff and personnel should have access to the printer, and copy machines. I also think it would be a good idea to use Data Loss Prevention (Symantec), which enables you to discover, monitor, and protect confidential information where it can be found, such as: Email, web, and other network-based communications. Servers, databases and other

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