religious exploration through Buddhism Essay

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Joel Lopez 05/25/2014 Person Interviewed: Sanit Songphrawas Wat Buddharangsi Theravada Religious Exploration through Buddhism There are over 7 billion people on this world and over four-fifths of these people identify with a religion in one way or another (Livingston). Upon the hundreds of religions on Earth it is difficult to even begin to comprehend all their most basic beliefs, their scriptures, or even to whom they worship. The least any person can do is to learn about one of them and understand their belief system. During an assignment for school I was required to immerse my-self in a totally different religious belief system in order to acquire a greater knowledge of what it is like for humans to have religion and to have a…show more content…
I found this interesting because with enlightenment comes eternal peacefulness or nirvana, who would not want that? Unfortunately after the monks reach enlightenment something is supposed to have happened, but apparently they believe you have to reach enlightenment in order to find out (Sanit). I had learned a lot from approaching one of the monks and gathering an idea about the belief system in which they reside. My next task was to witness a kind worship of some sort. I wanted to see the other monk who resides there meditate, but it is not allowed. The monks have to be in complete focus mode and having me there was not going to keep focus. They offered me a meditation course that they offer widespread and open to the public. I wanted to truly undergo the experience of meditation. I waited till the next mediation class they offered on Sunday in English, Saturdays they offer it in Spanish. I came in right on time at three in the afternoon; I had mentally prepared myself to begin my two hour journey of meditation. When I first arrived I had 15 minutes before the class began I was totally nervous I could not imagine who would I meet or if I am even dressed for the occasion. As I entered I saw people of all kinds coming in and out of the temple. This showed me that truly anybody can practice Buddhism. I tried talking to some of the people
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