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Will Restricting Carbon Emissions Damage the Economy? Yes: Paul Cicio No: Aaron Ezroj Main/Major Talking Points (summarize): Avoiding leakage of jobs and Emissions,’ testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Capping the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the undustrial sector will drive investment and jobs offshore and increase imports. GHG rising 29%in residential areas U.S. cannot grow economy without using more volume of products. Congressional Justification for not capping. Countries are willing to sacrfrifice manufacturing jobs in response to climate policy. Economy widecap and trade…show more content…
Low-carbon technologies are worth 500 billion dollars annually at the least. Since current Cap and trade programs are spreading fairly quickly to other countries and regions the market will grow immensely. The Low-carbon Technologies International Inc also known as the LCTI will be developing the 400 Metric Waste to Energy Facility, Iuka, Mississippi. It is an innovative gasification that will generate the syngas from the waste streams and convert it into biodiesel, ethanol and other chemicals. This Power plant facility will also, “recover waste-heat to make steam that will be used to make electricity for on-site power consumption, limited peaking power, and black start capability.” The financing for this project comes from a third party investor with a guaranteed 100% financing on a 20 year lease. This is just one of many technologies being built within the next year. I believe that we will see an impact sort of like that of the solar energy and wind power projects that took place in the early 2000’s. I always wondered why there were huge fans in the middle of the desert in Palm Springs California. This wind farm is part of a solar group of companies that is worth over 27 billion dollars by 2005. Low carbon technologies could make an even bigger impact by 2050 generating over 25 million jobs across America. This
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