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Statement of Purpose: Studying abroad has evolved as common phenomenon around the globe. Every year cross border education is becoming more popular and people are travelling around the globe in-search of better education, better living standards and a better future. Everything new comes with new challenges and that applies to international students who travel abroad in search of better education. The research paper will regard and focus on problems that international students generally face at Australian Universities. The research as a whole will also consider various issues such as adjustment issues, cultural shock, language difficulty, understanding the expectation and grading system
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Similarly, understanding international students issues and problems has a global implications and may play a vital role in increment or decrease of enrolment by international students in a particular country.

The desire to expand opportunities to attract international students is motivated by numerous factors, the most significant is economic. “In Australia, education providers raised concern in the past that English language proficiency requirement are being sacrificed to attract much needed revenue from overseas students (Coley, 1999)”. International student supply over US$ 13 billion dollars to the us economy, with majority of the funds originated outside the country( IIE, 2005b). “In addition to being a source of much needed revenue, international students helps to contribute in intercultural learning and create awareness and understanding of diversity and global issue(NAFSA, 2003)”. This clearly demonstrates the importance of cross-border education.

Studying the problems faced by post-grad International students in Australian universities may be essential for various different reasons. Firstly, it will help understand the existing problems faced by the international students. Secondly, it will help universities to plan and roll out action, facilitate international students
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