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Test 1 MNGT 4500 Fall 2014 Please note: I know the cases are longer than typical test questions, BUT the answers don’t have to be. These are like the exercises in class. I give you the context of the problem, but the answers are much shorter. Let me know if you have any questions. 1. Jenny Folsom is the manager of a group of marketing specialists. She has good relationships with most of her team except Connie Perez. Jenny is on the verge of letting Connie go. Connie just cannot seem to live up to Jenny’s expectations. Over the past year, Jenny has talked to Connie several times, but Jenny has seen no improvement. Connie believes she is trying to do the things that Jenny asks. Jenny has presented her problem to the Employee…show more content…
I expect to fix this situation”. Her attitude shows that she is bold, and the more dominant of the two. Connie responded with, “I will continue to do my best”, seeming to be the weaker of the two women. 1.B. What would you conclude about the emotional intelligence of Jenny (look at specific dimensions) 4 pts It does not seem that Jenny possesses much emotional intelligence. She did not show empathy for Connie at all when she tried to explain why she does her work the way she does. She simply told her she was wrong. She also lacks interpersonal and social skills. The words that she uses and her tone show that she is not worried with maintaining a positive relationship with Connie. 1.C. What other personality characteristics contribute to this situation – i.e, any personality factors that contribute to approaches of Jenny or Connie, Connie’s outcomes, or their interaction? 4 pts Jenny is more dominant and overbearing, while Connie is more timid. Jenny caused Connie’s attitude to change due to the way she spoke to her about her work. It was even mentioned that Connie now feels there is no point to try so hard when she is treated like she did something wrong, but does not understand what she did incorrectly. Jenny’s “high and mighty” attitude has caused a caring employee to feel like “there is no connection between her efforts and her performance”. 1.D. What communication problems can you
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