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Essay Questions 8/10/12 marks Marks are always split equally Outline (AO1) + evaluate (AO2) Unit 1 (PSYA1)- only one 1 essay question Research methods Developmental Cognitive Unit 2 (PSYA2)- at least 2 essay question Social Stress Abnormality Outline + Evaluate research into conformity (12 marks) Outline (6 marks) - describing Evaluate (6 marks) Conformity- Asch, Sherif Moscovici, zimberardo Pick 2 studies – Asch and Sherif for example which 6 marks. AO1- (6 marks) 3- Asch – Aims, Procedure, findings/conclusions 3- Sherif – Aims, Procedure, findings/conclusions AO2- (6 marks) Evaluate – S+W Research methods It lacks Mundane realism- why ash lacks mundane lacks it and then why sherif…show more content…
Both of these studies lack population validity. Sherif study was conducted on American University boys so it isn’t representative of everybody. Alike Sherif’s study, Ash’s study conducted on all males. So both studies are androcentric. This means that the results of both experiments are only representative for males and don’t apply to women so it isn’t representative of the target population. Sherif’s study was conducted in 1930’s and Asch’s was conducted in the 1950’s so the result’s lack temporal validity. So because they were done in the early 20th century, it was conducted in a time when standing out being individual wasn’t something people did. So the results are reflective of a conservative era. However they both have good internal validity. They were both conducted in a lab so the experimenter’s could control the IV well and recreate the right atmosphere. This means that the DV was only getting manipulated by the IV not by other contributing factors you could of got if it was a field experiment for an
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