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GRADUATE PROJECT –BMGT695 RETENTION MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES TURNOVER IN THE BANKING SECTOR Submitted to the Lebanese International University The School of Business In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in Business Administration By Nathalie Ishak Ishak 50830033 Tripoli, Lebanon Supervised by Khalil Ghazzaoui Ph.D. Fall 2013-2014 DEDICATIONS Start Here… ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Start Here… ABSTRACT Start Here… TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I: THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 1 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCING THE GRADUATE PROJECT 1 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. OVERVIEW OF THE SECTOR/DOMAIN/ORGANIZATIONS 1 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 1. MAIN TOPIC 1 2. SUBTOPIC 1 1 3. SUBTOPIC 2 1 PART II:…show more content…
If proper action is taken on employee workload, work stress, salary, job satisfaction, and work to family conflict, the turnover ratio alternatively decreases and organization performance will enhance. Derek (2006) found a positive relationship between employee turnover and organization efficiency, and concluded that there is insignificant negative relationship between employee turnover and organizational performance. The reason that why, this research topic was selected because in our environment most of the workers are not satisfied with their jobs and most of them are quiet their jobs when they find relatively better job than that one. The reason is not that they are not competent but there are few factors the effect the commitment and satisfaction of the employee towards their job, some are employee workload, work stress, salary, job satisfaction, and work to family conflict. The research study was scrutinized the fact that employee turnover is positively effect on overall performance of the organization. 1.3. Research Hypothesis The first hypothesis suggests that turnover naturally affects performance. Those that leave are often experienced staff, and it naturally takes time to replace that expertise. They also develop the internal networks required to do their jobs well, which again is difficult to replace in the short-term. A second hypothesis is that companies
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