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English Department Improving your written work at key stage 3 Have you ever tried really hard at a piece of writing: your handwriting’s lovely, you’ve done your best with spelling and punctuation, but your English teacher still doesn’t think your work would get the level you want for Key Stage 3 teacher assessment? Frustrating, isn’t it? What should you do? The first thing to do is to read the comments your teacher has written on your work. Then, talk to your teacher – be prepared to spend a little time, outside lessons if necessary, while they explain what you could do to improve it. The National Curriculum Level descriptions are very general. You can see them below. They are written to describe your achievement…show more content…
(Insert National Curriculum English AT3 Writing Level descriptions) So here are some examples of news stories with commentaries and indications of the National Curriculum Level that might be considered when assessing that candidate’s work. Example 1 Footballer Car Crash Story The famous footballer Henry, 22 years old was collided yesarday in the car crash whil he was coming from the big match in Liverpool on his way to London. The best player in the Arsenal team who scored a 5 goals in the last two matches that the team had. The car crash were at night while the road was quite empty so most of the cars was in a high speed when a young lady couldn’t see well in the dark so she gets in car who was in front of her and that was the footballer’s car. The car crash haven’t any fire or anythink like that when everyone was OK even the youg lady, but that caused a very importent think to Henry and that was stopping him for playing for two years because of this foot. We had a enterview. We’ll lose a very good player like Henry. Henry his mum was really upset about in and she was crying in the hospital who were full of people that like Henry and wish him to get well soon. Example 1 (Commentary) This is an excellent achievement for a pupil who

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