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Black History Month In Hanna Guthrie’s article, “Black History Month,” the UCI New University writer discusses the racism in America. In order for racism to be abolished, Guthrie accentuates racism is being spread through American Citizens self segregation. Though Hanna Guthrie article presents a clear claim and provides a small amount of factual evidence to support in itself, ultimately Guthrie article is unsuccessful because she fails to provide an adequate amount of logic-based information to support her primary claim, excessively dependent upon emotion-driven attacks on those who disagree with her, and frequently fails to present her augment in a approach that makes her creditable. Guthrie primary claim for racism…show more content…
Her third and final claim as stated in the text reads, “I think much of the problem today in the way of racial relations, is with America’s obsession with political correctness.” (Guthrie 1). Once again her use of strong emotional appeal to state her claim, conceals and validates her statement which is truly nothing more than an opinion. She uses the fallacy of appeal to fear, or a “Scare Tactic”, by using words such as “obsession” and “radicalized movements.” When Hanna constructed her paper she didn’t use factual evidence, which in turn completely undermines her primary claim. Hanna Guthrie does anticipate counter augments when she says, “As it is, you probably think I’m racist for delivering into this issue to begin with.” (Guthrie 1). The author gives another fact when she says, “It’s a known fact that things like affirmative action give preferential treatment to American minorities.”( Guthrie 1). Hanna discredits this fact by her skewed opinion providing another false sub augment. Hannah Guthrie was a second year English major student when this article was posted in 2010. Hannah being a student questions her creditably because she isn’t an expert and nor does she have a reputation for being advocate on stopping racism. She was a writer for the UCI’s “New University”, which is a school news paper often stretching to seek attention from the media and other forms of

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