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Rhetorical Analysis The article ‘We Are Training Our Kids to Kill’ by David Grossman is an attempt at explaining the effect of mass media on our children as far as violence and the impacting role it plays. Grossman, a self entitled ‘world traveler and an expert in the field of “killology” uses the rhetorical aspects of ethos, pathos, and logos to get his point across. Regardless of the fact that Grossman did build some credibility for himself, used reasoning, emotion, and some facts to support his opinion, he did not use them in a very effective way. I am going to label this article as ineffective. The first reason I’m ruling Grossman’s writing as ineffective is because he seemed to contradict himself throughout his writing. The…show more content…
After Goldman makes this statement he doesn’t go on to talk about the restrictions that parents or our society in general have or should have on movies, video games, or other forms of media. My third and final reason to show how Grossman’s article is ineffective is that for a lot of the examples he used, he had no legitimate proof or substance to support them, or make a connection to his arguments. One of Grossman’s statements that has no proof providing justification is “In reality, the average man would load his musket and bring it to his shoulder, but he could not bring himself to kill. He would be brave, he would stand shoulder to shoulder, he would do what he was trained to do; but at the moment of truth, he could not bring himself to pull the trigger.” Here Grossman is talking about soldiers in the Civil War. This statement was all assumed. There was no journal, or historian quoted, or any other credible knowledge suppressed to support this. The author talks like he knows the military realities and that may be the case, but I’m sure that common sense can tell the reader that Grossman does not have the knowledge to have this information in his article without substance behind it. The military realities that the author knows are much more modern and contemporary than those of the Civil War. Times change and so does the military along with it. Over all,
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