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Robert E. Lee, who was considered to be the greatest soldier fighting for the Confederate States of America, descended from a long line of famous heroes. Many of Lee's ancestors played important roles in America's history. His father was a Revolutionary War hero and a friend of George Washington. He was often referred to as Light Horse Harry Lee. Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. Lee always admired Washington, and was his hero as a youngster. Young Lee decided to become a soldier, partly because of the military tradition of his family. Lee enrolled in West Point Military Academy and graduated 2nd in his class in 1829. Lee majored in military engineering and supervised several army projects, he was named Second…show more content…
Although Lee was a full colonel, he had no troops. Finally the confederacy's president, Jefferson Davis, sent him to stop Union foes coming in from Western Virginia. He failed and was reassigned to building coastal fortifications in South Carolina and Georgia. Lee was called back to Richmond in 1862 and appointed by president Jefferson Davis to be the chief commander of all Confederate forces. Although his name sounded powerful, it was actually very pathetic. President Davis took the matters into his own hands, and only allowed Lee to interfere in small decisions of the war. Soon after Lee was appointed, a large Union force had approached the gates of Richmond, and he was sent to stop the penetration of union forces. Lee arrived in Richmond in June of 1862. The Union army was under the command of General McClellan, and was only a few miles away from the city along the Chick hominy River. Lee had decided to destroy the smaller group of union forces guarding the north side of the river, and push the rest back from there. Lee also took a great risk by only leaving a small portion of his army guarding the gates of the city. Anyway, Lee was successful in pushing the union forces back 25 miles in the next 7 days. The union government retreated General McClellan's forces back up to Northern Virginia where they will regroup with General Pope's forces. Lee, receiving word of this plan, hurried his forces to

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