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Case 3-2: Roger Haskett

Name: ________________
Group: ___A or B________
Date: ________________

Roger Haskett, director of purchasing for Morrow University in San Antonio, Texas
Professor kahsay , from engineering faculty
Menard ,the supplier
Purchasing department
The purchasing department’s mandate was to maxi- mize the value of funds spent on supplies, equipment, and services; ensure ethical buying practices; maintain good supplier relations; and ensure compliance with the regula- tions governing taxes, accounting procedures, and other related university policies.
Most faculty and staff tended to handle their own pur- chasing needs for low-value purchases, which had been made easier with online
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The total cost of the equipment would be $475,000, including interest.
BASIC ISSUES; (note - tie to elements from textbook)

1. risk of having a capital lease
2. Risk management
3. price ,quality, service.
4. relationship.
5 forecasting
6 long term contract

What does roger do?
Pay cash
Receive the contract
Reject the contract
Status quo
What are alternatives? Need to weigh alternatives.
Complete cost-benefit analysis of capital lease and operation lease
Negotiate the contract
Is the price ,quality ,service, demand and supply ok?
Evaluate the risk ?
Do we need the equipment
Find another supplier with better contract
What is university’s Supply policy on capital lease and operation lease ?
Does it have any other project instead of Kahsay’s?

Analysis the demand of the faculty and review the budget
Review cost – benefit analysis?
Get the prize in current supplier
Find potential supplier
Negotiate a better prize with mernard
Evaluate the new contract and make a

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