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Almost everyone laments how the world has changed since they were young, how everything is now faster, more complicated, and less friendly. In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," Miss Emily sees the world change in many different ways, and yet stays the same. In her case, the world she grew up in literally is gone, and she does not posses the skills to change along with it. She is a woman lost in time, with no real place among society, especially not a society who places her on a pedestal, enabling her many questionable actions. The factors of her life and the stigmas placed upon her due to those factors yield to her no choice but the actions which she chose.
Miss Emily's generation grew up in a
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She does not have an easy time adapting, which is understandable. Her entire life, she has been stuck in that house with her father, probably has never left the town, and apparently had no friends to keep her company. Nothing has ever really changed for her, and so she has never had to deal with change.
The narrator, a random townsperson, illustrates very well the awe and fear the town held for Miss Emily. To them, she portrayed everything that they wished they could be, and all that they were glad not to be. They held a twisted form of respect for her. When she dies, she is referred to as a "fallen monument" whom the men went to see out of a "respectful affection," much like that of your child's pet, who you go through the funeral for, but will never really understand. The women of the town went "mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house, which no one…had seen in at least ten years." They had always wondered what she was like, but never really found out. It was not their place to speak with her, for she was a Grierson, albeit a fallen one. Miss Emily was aware of this class distinction, refusing to receive the townswomen into her home after her father's death. Miss Emily had to maintain her image of propriety that had been placed

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