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Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & BusinessBachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing
BBDT3063 Integrated Marketing Communications
Year 3 SEM 1
Individual Assignment
Title: Proton Iriz (Commercial Advertisement)
Tiger D’Sara (Print Advertisement)
Name : ONG WEI KEAT 13WBR12285
Tutorial Group : RMK Group 6
Tutor’s Name: Mr Lim Chin Hock
Date of Submission : 31 October 2014

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Although the main focus point of Proton Iriz is about its technology and function but this advertisement is focus on the environment and it is trying to show the emotional appeal to audience in order to affair the emotion of customer and grab their attention.
3.2 Benefit
From the video, the benefit of having Proton Iriz is making the people feel confident. The car provide touch screen, button-press engine such new technology. People feel confident when driving a modern, new technology and functional new generation car. They will feel proud if the car is sophisticated and it really is. The video and product also bring happiness and joyful to audience.
3.3 Uniqueness
The uniqueness of the car is about the car provide modern and functional new technology with inexpensive car. Compare with other brands of car, either there is pro technology but expensive or cheap but not so functional car. So that this car is the one unique. People may feel high class because they are having better quality of life.
3.4 Potency
The video makes this car become brandy and valued. People are feeling happy and comfortable when having this car is because they feel safe and trustful with this car.
4.0 Target Audience
4.1 Primary Audience
From the advertisement, obviously we can see there is all Malaysian in the video which include Malay, Chinese and India. Yes, we are actually targeting all
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