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Summary of Safety 24/7
The book Safety 24/7 was a book basically about safety in an industrial workplace. The book explained many safety tips to improve a safe working environment. There were a few main characters in this book that were very easily to understand their purpose in the story. The first character that appeared in this story is Kurt Bradshaw. He was promoted to the manager of worldwide safety. His great leadership skills and motivational techniques had put him in this new position. Kurt was very excited for the job and ready for it, but he was not too familiar about any safety tasks that could improve the workplace.
Kurt was so excited about the promotion that he would call John Sullivan and tell him the great news.
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With at-risk behaviors, certain incidents or accidents could resolve in time away from work or either a serious injury or death, which is at the top at the pyramid meaning that fatality, is the highest risk factor in at-risk behavior. Another important fact in the story that Sam Rollins explained was the four levels of commitment to safety. The first two levels of this commitment were to comply with meaning that it was doing something that is told, which in safety terms, being told what to do to prevent any at-risk behaviors to occur on the job. The second two levels were to believe in the commitment, meaning you have a choice into committing into safety or not. Level 4 is the highest level showing that you have a strong commitment in being safe in the working environment.


Then further through the story Mr. Rollins goes into depth with another important fact which is the ABC performance, which is the activator –behavior-consequence performance. This important fact is meant for at-risk behaviors to be noticed and be changed for the actions that are being done. With the first letter A, activator is giving the person motivation to work safely and they would have fool confidence in themselves. The second letter B symbolizes behavior, just elaborates after the activator. With the motivation from the activator, the behavior from the person will be positive encourage them to prevent incidents or accidents by working safely. Personally the

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