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“Sally” is a short story written in 1953 that talks about automatobile and how they can drive by themselves. The setting takes place in a farm that is kind of a garage for these types of cars. This story has lots of common with stories of driverless cars today. The story in “Sally” has come more and more alive today. All of the stories today are as alike as “Sally” and “Sally” was written in 1953.

In the story “Sally” it talks about driverless car and how expensive they are. “Of course, the automatics were ten to a hundred times as expensive as the hand-driven ones,”(Asimov # 3)In the article “Look, Ma, no hands: Google to test 200 self-driving cars” It tells you how much this driverless cars will cost. Truly self-driving cars could cost $7,000 to $10,000 more than their manual counterparts when they hit the market in 2020.(Undercoffler) In both of the stories they tell how much money will cost to buy one of this babies.
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My cars talk to one another. I have no doubt about it anymore. It's as though they've gained confidence; as though they're not bothering to keep it secret anymore. Their engines rattle and knock continuously. (Asimov # 15) In “Google achieves milestone in driverless car technology development” it shows how car and talk to each other. ” Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is considered an essential building block toward driverless vehicles” (Halsey and Laris) This two stories tell that this driverless cars can have conversation with each

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