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Sample Marketing Plan
Sample Marketing Plan: Sonic 3D+ SecurePhone
Sonic, a fictional start-up company, is about to introduce a new multimedia, multifunctional smartphone with unique features. This fictional product is entering a U.S. market crowded with advanced smartphone offerings from Apple, Samsung, and other rivals. Yet significant profit potential exists for cutting-edge products that can deliver the specific benefits most valued by targeted segments, such as handset durability, security, 3D viewing, and long battery life. The following sample marketing plan shows how Sonic is preparing to launch its first product. Because this brief marketing plan is a sample, it does not include all the details found in a typical marketing
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• Handset designed with large, durable touchscreen and distinctive, no-slip grip surface
• Large viewing area is user-friendly for games and entertainment; no-slip grip case prevents the handset from slipping out of the user’s hand.
• Drop-proof handset and scratch-proof glass screen, backed by 24-month warranty
• Drop-proof handset construction prevents damage and keeps phone looking good even under rugged conditions. Specially hardened glass is scratch-proof and stands up to use for years. The warranty reassures users that if a phone is severely scratched, dented, or broken, Sonic will provide a new replacement via overnight delivery within the 24-month period.
Despite intense competition, our special features and our strengths provide an important edge and will differentiate Sonic’s products from those of our rivals (see the SWOT analysis). Moreover, as the following sections explain, the product’s launch will be based on favorable market trends; new technology; penetration pricing; selective distribution; extensive knowledge of our markets, customers, and competitors; and tight marketing control.
Market Needs and Trends
The Sonic 3D+ can meet a wide variety of needs in the consumer and business market. According to our proprietary research, the top three needs not currently being met in the smartphone marketplace are:
1. Security. Theft of smartphones is on the rise, in part because today’s handsets are more expensive
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