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Developing games on Android has its pros and cons. First, Android games are developed in Java, but Android is not a complete Java implementation. Many of the packages used for OpenGL and other graphic embellishments are included in the Android software development kit (SDK). Many does not mean all though, and some very helpful packages for game developers, especially 3-D game developers, are not included. Not every package that may have relied on to build past games will be available in Android. [JFDM 2011]
The proposed game is entitled: School Rush is a type of running platform game with Pilipino culture style of interface. The feature of School Rush is play thru level by level, gaining
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6. To make the game mechanics and story reliable and easy to understand.
1.4 Significance of the Study
Proponents – This study can enhance our skills to development a game which by using imaginations, creativity and to acquire knowledge throughout the developing process.
Player – This is to encourage the player of our generation to try new games that is developed by indi-game developers.
Programmer – It can enhance the person’s capability when it comes to multimedia and developing a game.
Company – They can use our game to promote Pilipino style of culture thru the story and graphics of the game.
Gamer – This is to encourage the modern generations of gamers to support Pilipino style of game interface and gameplay that can help the industry grow.
Users – This is to encourage both young and adult generations to support Philippine literature type of gameplay and interface.
Future Researchers – They can use our game as a guide to create a mobile application game in Android.
1.5 Scope & Limitation
Intense and exciting gameplay
a. Running Platform gameplay
b. Thrilling Adventure
c. Strategic Gameplay
d. Mind enhancing gameplay
Semi-Realistic Graphics
a. Real-world adaptations of selected Landmarks of the Philippines
b. Landscapes
c. Characters

1. The game can only be downloaded in mobile application sites.

2. The game can only be play by one player.

3. The game can only run on mobile phones with android application.
1.6 Definition

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